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Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
My Bao Bei was born on 19.06.2008, a wondenful morning. I'm really can't forget when I'm delivered U, the 1st smile from u to me...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Swimming Class

hA,hA, My Papa is a good swimming teacher, but good a bit "mistake" lah,.... after the swimming class, She didn't wants to drink water la..

My Swimming Class- 1st Time

'Woh, Mommy, this is my swim suite ah.. o.. no...!

Today, grandba said that want to bring me to swimming cause the weather sooooo.. hot...! Here is "Gong Gong" KRTU Golf Club, at Subang Jaya. Really far from our home.. But nvm, later I will show all my happinese memories in here.. stay tuned..! !~~~

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cutest Baby with TOY(S)

My personal Particular:-

My name is Pang Min Hui, I was born on 19/06/2008, Thank you my lovely bapa n mummy bring me to this wondeful world, I'm a happy baby girl, I'm very interesting of photo shooting. I'm likes Music, When I was in mummy stomach, every morning n night time i can hear the music n heart beat. I'm likes to eat also.. mummy say because when she pregnant, she never eat snack, only eat healthy meal n eat a lots of fruits, that's why I likes to eat fruits also.. Haha... Thank you for the judges to read my blog, hope all of u will enjoy it.. Thank you.. Muaks....@@@----
My 1st Car

The car, that you can teach them, "The Road Safety " & " Behaviour".

1st, for the Road safety , the most important thing is "The safety Belt", Everytime that when you in the car have to put the safety belt, no longer is short or long journey. 2nd part is Behaviour, Teach them what is panic, nevours and rude. Then when the baby growing up will be easily. Somemore don't drive so fast.

This is My Goofy Dog.

This toy can be teaching aids, that i can teach her what is dog, where is the eyes, mouth, ears, tail, and the tongue... and sometime she know how to feed the dog to drink Milk also... and when she sleep, she will put the dog inside the basket to let the dog sleep.. with the blanket also... At lease, she will know when bed time, what should do..! Is a good habit for early childhood..

"Moo Moo" , The Cow

Haha...Is this toy look like me,.!

Soft Toy always is a good teaching aids for baby below 12months, but have to choose carefully, the wool must be nice. Before buying have to tear the wool, wheather will easily fall or not ,because the baby will all the time put the thing inside the mounth. The Cow, she will know what is the sound with the cow shouting.. " Moo Moo" and you can teach a song " OLD MCDONALD HAVE A FARM", there got a lots of animals inside... but have be carefully to make all the animals sound..

Hey moms and dads! It’s time for another exciting Cutest Baby Photo Contest!! And, as usual, the monthly prizes are courtesy of PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders. Isn’t that great?
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August 09 theme is “Cutest Baby with TOY(S)”.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby's Day Out - The Restaurant Photo

She is Min Hui's greatgrandmom.... she feel so happy because she get ang pow.. from her greatgrandmom

Baby's Day Out - The Restaurant

Baby's day out

Is a wondeful day, today is my bao bei - Min Hui's 1st birthday, we has to make a big party to her. We has invited all the relative & friends around 70 pax. She is the princess tonight, I have prepared 4pcs dress to her. We arrived there around 7pm, all the guests is reached, before the dish serve, I have to play the special video to all the guests, the video tittle is - My bao bei beggining.. Is from her birth until 1 years old.

After that, we play her favor CD - children song, in that day, she become super future model, all the guests have to take photo with her. I have prepared a birthday banner to her. (picture attached)

Around 9.30pm, bapa take the birthday cake out, woh.... is a wondeful cake, the cake decoration is my best friend to make it.. nice ! ( photo attacehd ) On top of the cake, have a little bear, this is the special gift for her, can let her to memorance the 1st birthday present is sitting on the cake. ( photo attached )

Her greatgrandmom is very "sayang" her, see, the face look like her or not ?